Is Worcestershire Sauce vegan?

November 03, 2020

If you want the short answer, some are and some aren’t, and the good news is, that Corporal Freddies Worcestershireisvegan.

Now for the long answer. It all depends on the ingredients, which is why it is so important if you are looking for a vegan Worcestershire to check the food label and ingredients.

Because many people are not (exactly) sure what Worcestershire is made from (that blog post coming soon), many assume ‘what could possibly be in here that is not vegan?’, well we are here to tell you.

Worcestershire Sauce dates back to the early 1800’s and was originally created by two chemists in Worcester (UK), John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins, and only became ‘worthy’ after stumbling back upon the sauce after 2 years, where it had matured into a wonderfully flavoured sauce. The rest is history.

Now back to the ingredients.

Worcestershire sauce is a complex sauce and one of the many ingredients used by Lea & Perrins was (and still is) anchovies, fermented anchovies to be precise. Right there is your non-vegan ingredient in Worcestershire sauce. And because the Worcester made sauce has been penned the original, many who have since created their own versions have continued to use anchovies or a form of them, such as anchovy paste in their recipes.

Now you know what you are looking for, or should we say looking for it not to be listed, you can be more confident in your purchase. Head straight to the ingredients list, making sure there is no anchovies or anchovy paste listed. Even better is if the bottle clearly states it is vegan, then you don’t need to check the ingredients label, and can be rest assured you are about to buy a vegan Worcestershire sauce.

Here at Corporal Freddies, our original family recipe dates back to 1946 and has many ingredients, though we are proud to say that our Worcestershire Sauce is vegan and has been enjoyed by many vegans to date and we look forward too many many more enjoying our vegan friendly sauce,ENJOY.

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