If you want to make mealtime a more enjoyable experience and get rid of the fussy recipes, then meet Corporal Freddies.

Create mouth-watering meals that please even the pickiest of eaters, everytime. Not only for meat. It's impressive with veggies. Brings life to eggs, makes an excellent dipping sauce and you can even add it in a toastie for a taste sensation.

Did we mention it’s vegan too? The Corporal’s hero Worcestershire sauce drops a flavour bomb and gives your family a delicious experience that will help you conquer dinner time. Which means less stress around mealtime and more time to enjoy the flavour.

Why Corporal Freddies?

Our Brand Values

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What's Cookin' in the kitchen

Sausage Rolls on a plate with Corporal Freddies Worcestershire sauce bottle in the background

Easy Peasy Sausage Rolls

Who doesn’t love a sausage roll. Especially when they are homemade! We even have a vegetarian option for you too.
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Worcestershire Sauce Cheeky Mary Cocktail Mocktail

Our Cheeky Mary

The classic Bloody Mary may have been invented back in the 1920s, but we've put our own twist on it for you.
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Transform Your Pizza Night!

Transform Your Pizza Night!

Time to transform your pizza night with Corporal Freddies as a finishing sauce, that's right, Worcestershire Sauce on a pizza!

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